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The pandemic has created new tensions in many marriages around the world. There is so much more to argue about these days. From child care issues to financial issues not to mention health issues in addition to the fact that many of us are now constrained to the same space 24/7 with the kids, the husband, the wife, the cats, the dogs and everything else.

Even in the best of times, marriage and relationships are hard work. But the pandemic has created a pressure cooker inside homes, straining even strong partnerships and, experts say, likely breaking others.

Families are cooped up with spouses trying to work while also taking care of their kids. Job losses, caring for at risk elderly parents, arguments over what's safe and disagreement over school reopening are all taking a toll.

Where there was a crack, there is now a rupture.

After this workshop:​

  • You will be able to communicate with your mate without shouting matches.

  • You will be able to establish respect in your marriage.

  • You will acquire simple strategies to make your mate feel valued and understood.

  • You will be able to release all animosity that was built up in your heart toward your spouse.

  • You will be able to forgive your spouse for their mistakes and shortcomings.

  • You will finally be able to restore peace in your family and your marriage.

Select drop down below to purchase your ticket:

$47 for single registration

$94 for couples

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