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Aspiring Female Ministry Leaders


Learn About The 3 Critical Mistakes That Can Kill Your Ministry Before It Starts!


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Meet Leontine Osuagwu


Mentor to women around the globe and Women's Ministry Leadership Coach, Leontine Osuagwu is a Certified Christian Counselor, a Life Coach, a Trainer and a published author. She is also the founder CEO of Liberating Tamar Inc, a 501C3 non profit organization with a mandate to help facilitate emotional freedom in the lives of the Traumatized, Abused, Misunderstood And Rejected (T.A.M.A.R). She has coached and mentored hundreds of women across America and Internationally. She is the creator of "Purpose Through Pain", a 10 week coaching program for aspiring authors who are looking to use their story of past pain to educate, empower and liberate others. Leontine has recently launched her latest online group coaching program called "Leading From Within", 10 week program for aspiring female ministry leaders who feel insecure and intimidated about becoming the leader that they know God has called them to be. They feel underserving, unqualified, unprepared and are concerned about not being able to live up to the expectations of their leadership call. They need clarity regarding their mandate, they need focus, a plan and the courage to step out.

We help them do that!

The program helps them build self-esteem and confidence, uncover their true worth and identity, break negative belief systems, overcome social anxiety so they can build healthy relationships, overcome the imposter syndrome so they can step out of obscurity, promote their ministry without shame or fear, create a clear plan, begin to execute with confidence and transform lives around the nation and the world.


Someone is desperately waiting for you to step out into your greatness!


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