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"Our marriage is the best it's been in years"

Our marriage has been bumpy from the get-go. My husband often worked long hours which put more strain on our relationship. I felt lonely and unsupported because I was the main caretaker for the kids. Emotionally, Ireached a point of emotional exhaustion and after 25 years of marriage, I was ready to throw in the towel. Emeka and Leontine helped us peal back the layers of bitterness, anger and hatred and taught us how to confront our emotions instead of hiding from them. We surrendered to the “therapy of Truth” as they call it and learned how to recommit to each other and our marriage. Our marriage isthe best that it’s been in years. We take time to understand each other’s perspective and have learned to honor our differences. - F & T, Lawrenceville NJ

"We would have never gotten a divorce if we knew then what we know now"

I divorced my husband because he wasselfish and made many poor decisions that put our family in danger financially. He completely stopped being responsible and honoring his marital vows. Now, I have moved on, but one thing remains. My ex-husband still loves me. Despite the divorce and being separated for some time, my ex-husband convinced me to join him in a coaching session via phone conference with Emeka. At first, I was hesitant and was wondering to myself, “What in the hell am I doing?” But afterthe firstsession, I was hooked! Emeka showed us concepts and principles that were simple and applicable. After completing all the sessions, my ex-husband and I happily confessed to Emeka that we would have never gotten a divorce if we knew then what we know now! Through these sessions, I confess, Istill love my ex-husband. I will always apply these concepts and principlesI have learned. I look forward to restoring our marriage and I am very grateful that my ex-husband found Emeka to help usresurrect our marriage that was dead in the graveyard of divorce! - L & E, Trenton NJ

"My husband now sees me as a safe vessel that God wants to love him through"


My husband is a very good man who has a hard time saying no to his parents and siblings. I’ve felt like an outsider since we got married 12 years ago every time his parents are around. I wanted my marriage to work but we were totally on two different wave links. He was a priority in my life, but I didn’t feel like I was in his. I met Emeka and Leontine at church and always admired the way they carried themselves, supported and loved each other so I reached to them when I didn’t know where else to turn. They helped my husband uncover the root cause of his behavior towards me which was rooted in the rejection of his past. He learned to see me as a safe and loving vessel that God wants to love him through. I finally feel loved and accepted as a wife which is something that I never felt in 12 years of marriage. - J & D, Townsend DE

"I ended the relationship with the other woman and confessed the truth to my wife"


There are certain people you can talk to. And there are certain people you can open up to. Indeed, I am very blessed to know Emeka who I opened up to and itsaved my marriage! There was a very dark time in my life when I did something unthinkable to my wife. When she was battling with an ailment, I grew impatient and needy for intimacy. I cheated on my wife who wasill. My conscience wastormenting me day and night. After attending sessions of a men’s group meeting and hearing Emeka share wisdom and spiritual principles. I made up my mind to get his number and to talk to him about my infidelity. It wasthe hardest phone call I ever had to make. When I called Emeka he sounded so reassuring like someone I can trust. As we talked and asI hinted what wastroubling me; Emeka, paused, and asked me if I was cheating on my wife who wasill. Isaid, “Yes!” Emeka never condemned me or made me feel like the most evil person on the planet. He calmly said that despite what I have done, that, I am still loved. Emeka opened up spiritual principles I already knew in a simple and practical way. I knew what I had to do. I ended the relationship with the other woman confessed the truth to my wife. And that is what I did. The weight waslifted! I feltso free! Every marriage will go through ups and downs and will be tested by life in spite of yourtitle or your position. During these times, it is good to have someone who can provide principles and sound wisdom to help navigate you through the storms of life. Emeka showed me something I will never forget and that is, “It is never too late to do the right thing no matter how bad it is!” - Pastor L, New Brunswick NJ "

"I knew that if things didn’t change quickly, our marriage wouldn't survive"


We got married later in life. I have adult children, but my husband did not. I have been the main bread winner for a about 5 years which made my husband feel a quite insecure. He slowly became angry and emotionally and verbally abusive. We argued constantly and life became almost unbearable. I had met Leontine at one of her speaking events where she taught on breaking generational cycles. Ireached out to her and her husband for help because I knew that if things didn’t change quickly, we were headed for divorce court. We had 10 sessions with them and they helped us restore our relationship with God, helped us dig into our soul, expose the damages of generational iniquity and sin as well as applicable strategies to establish intimacy, learn how to talk to one another with love, empathy and compassion. - A & J, Trenton NJ

"They also taught us practical ways to rebuild broken trust"

Our marriage has been plagued with infidelity for years. It came a point in ourrelationship where my husband would leave for days at a time to be with his girlfriends, leaving me to take care of our 3 boys. I was depressed, lonely and felt like an idiot for allowing him to treat me this way. I even regretted marrying him and felt ashamed. I contemplated leaving but was afraid of what people would think…so Istuck in there…now I’m glad I did! Leontine and Emeka were instrumental in teaching us how to love ourselves before we can love each other. They helped clean up the “soul wounds” that we each had so we can learn to accept ourselves withoutreservation. They also taught us practical waysto rebuild broken trust and how to connect deeper emotionally. Divorce is definitely out of the picture! - L & V, Buffalo NY