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Date: Sept 17, 2018

Valerie Mason-Chase, Levittown PA


I attended the "Speaking From a Healed Heart" intensive and I must say that it was a very impactful, life changing event. The Osuagwus not only presented information, they gave practical steps for application. This intensive is appropriate for everyone because we all have some area of our lives that need healing and all of our relationship will benefit when we learn how to communicate more effectively. I highly recommend this intensive!!

Date: Sept 15, 2018

Lisa Hopkins , Pennington NJ


Speaking from a Healed Heart was an awakening in understanding that one's communication with others is key. If you are hurt,broken and trapped in unforgiveness this intensive will give you tools to begin your heart healing process. I learned that my verbal or non verbal communication with others stems from the heart.

Date: Sept 11, 2018

Gwen Goolsby - Tillery, Burlington NJ


I attended the Speaking From a Healed Heart event and it was a phenomenal workshop. The information was informative and transformative. The method of delivery was easy to follow and practical.

This is an awesome ministry!

Date: Sept 6, 2018

Renee Fladger, East Windsor NJ


I would like to thank God for Pastor Leontine and for her being obedient to God's calling and direction in her life. Pastor Leo's book Liberationals is a God breathed devotional that has blessed my life tremendously. Every 31 days of this devotional was a step closer to freedom, peace and wholeness. This devotional was such a blessing, when I got to day 31 I started all over again with day one. I have read other devotionals, however, this is the first one that made me want to read it again. I just want to say Thank You Pastor Leo for giving back what God has blessed you with. 

I would recommend this book to anyone dealing with low self esteem, unforgiveness and past hurts. 

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