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Leading From Within

10 week mindset and inner-healing program for Christian women who have a call to ministry or faith-based business but need help to develop the confidence, the courage and the boldness to step our into the call of God for their lives.


Reconnecting Hearts

5-week heart healing and communication program for couples who want to reignite the intimacy in their relationship, forgive and learn to respect and trust each-other after disappointment and betrayal.


Purpose Through Pain

90 day Book writing and self-publishing program for women who want to turn their story of pain into a tool that God can use to help set others free.


Building Faithful Men

This is an 8-week mentorship program for men that will help develop godly character so they can mend broken relationships, restore trust, strengthen family bonds and establish respect in their social and professional lives.


Awesome Attitude Accelerator

This is a 4-week training experience that will help you improve the quality of your relationships by providing you the tools that you need to connect and relate better in your personal, social and professional lives.

Happy Family

Forgive For Real

This is a 5-week mini course for survivors of abuse, neglect abandonment and betrayal. This course is designed to help you find the strength and the will to finally forgive the people who've deeply hurt you through God's grace and power so you can find peace, build long lasting and fulfilling relationships and live out your unlimited potential.

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