Emeka and Leontine Osuagwu

Mr. Emeka Osuagwu AKA "Professor "O" is married to Leontine and together they have two children, Joshua and Victoria. He and his family reside in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Professor "O" has a Master's degree from New York University in Speech and Interpersonal Communication.

He is an Educator, a Trainer and a Life Coach with a passion for teaching, equipping and empowering others to be all that they were born to be. Professor "O" has coached hundreds of juvenile inmates and staff to improve their interpersonal communication skills, assisting with the rehabilitation process. He believes that every individual is priceless and was given natural gifts by our Creator to fulfill His purpose in making the world a better place. For this purpose, Professor "O" is driven to assist, to encourage, and to inspire all people he comes in contact with, to ignite a passion for life and to discover the priceless gifts that lie within. Professor "O" has spent years leading and training staff and  students as a Dean at Interboro Institute in NYC. He is the author of "The Comeback: Reconnecting With People From The Heart," an interpersonal communication coaching experience designed to help people improve their people skills in their relationships and their careers. Emeka is the creator of "Reconnecting Hearts", a 10 week coaching program for couples who are struggling with communication issues that are threatening to destroy their relationship. The program teaching them how to become great listeners, how to use their body language, words and tone of voice to create intimacy and give new life to their relationship.