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Improve your tone of voice with a sound that connects with impact.

Join Professor O (Emeka Osuagwu) for a (90) minute power session to:

*Understand tone of voice

*Release all negative emotions

*Learn how to adjust & control your tone to make positive impact *Avoid speaking habits that promote poor sounds 

*Learn breathing techniques for sound quality

*Practice Tone Power exercises to perfect the new & improved tone

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Are you timid or very nervous when it comes to speaking in public, in small groups or even face to face with another person? Be encouraged. Today, you can seize the moment and be informed, be inspired and equipped in the 1hr power session "Speaking With Confidence".

We will cover:

- Buidling self-esteem

- Understanding and conquering nervousness

- Understanding the 5Cs of effective public speaking

- Applying strategies to become a confident speaker

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Join Professor O (Emeka Osuagwu) for a (1) hour power session to:

Understand the (3) vital components of the attitude

To objectively assess your attitude regarding your relationships

Provide you with quick strategies and tools to refine and to enhance your attitude to experience successful, peaceful and fulfilling relationships

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We will help you bring to existence your business (non-profit or for profit) as well as any project that you have.

1. Helping you create a vision and a mission statement

2. Helping you identify your audience

3.  Helping you create a startup plan and execution plan

4. Helping you create a strategic plan and a project management plan for your launch.

5. Helping you create a strategic plan for vision casting.

6. Assisting with other topics as necessary

Price is for 1 session. Additional sessions can be scheduled as necessary.

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